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Why Self Care Is an Absolute Necessity

If this picture looks foreign to you, then maybe it's been too long since you last took time for yourself.

I'm a firm believer in taking care of yourself in order for everything else in your life to fall into place. You must have a solid foundation in order to build properly.

Recently, I noticed I was not practicing what I was preaching to others! I basically let myself slip without realizing it. I began noticing that my memory was fading, I was constantly tired, I was irritable, bloated (TMI?) and uninspired. I realized it was time to shift my priorities.

What steps did I take?

I changed my eating habits. If You want a separate blog post about that e-mail me and let me know! Your body thanks you immediately when you nourish it properly. Your skin looks better, your energy levels are up and you start seeing those abs we all work so hard for.

I made time for family, boyfriend, non-work related meet-ups and alone time. That alone time is so important! First, I believe it's important to learn how to get along with yourself. It sounds silly, but you shouldn't rely on others for constant entertainment.

Second, when you take the time to meditate (at the beach, dancing, spa, yoga, etc.) you can reach some serious inspiration and life altering conclusions. This is one of the reasons I love Zoanee classes - they're such a mental escape! I've recently had many shifts in my thinking and creativity, which are truly shaping the future of this brand! If you find yourself thinking during your meditation, try to let yourself go deeper into the moment and shut off all outside noise.

This isn't a quick and easy fix, especially if you have my type of personality. But, if you want to feel energized, reduce your mood swings and irritability, have stronger relationships and have a clear mind, then begin to shift your priorities.

Taking the time for yourself is not easy - but, it's an absolute necessity. ♡