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How To Find Creative Inspiration Through The Saturation

To all my creative people out there: we all go through ups and downs in our artistic journeys. It doesn't matter what field you're in, if you do anything remotely creative, you can relate to this. Recently I've found myself longing for artistic inspiration through the redundant Instagram posts. Then I thought to myself, why am I looking here?

I've been noticing that as much as I thought I was being inspired by looking at constant social media feeds, I was wrong. What does that mean and how did I notice it? Well, I noticed that my standards got lower and what I thought of as "pushing creative boundaries" was still pretty much "playing it safe". I noticed this when I was beginning to think of my fall campaign. I like to think of most things in terms of colors and textures and then I go from there. Yes, even my dance videos. I was dreaming of metallic coppers and chartreuse velvets. I got a sudden spark of creativity that I hadn't felt in a while. It got me realizing that I need to make sure I don't lose my edge. I know that might sound silly, but it's weird when something slips away from you and you don't even notice it. It's only when you explore Instagram or YouTube and realize that everyone and everything is exactly the same and you ask yourself "Am I next?" or maybe you're already it? Call me crazy, but I enjoy keeping my artistic side fresh without accidentally being brainwashed to look like your typical beauty blogger with perfectly carved eyebrows.

This post isn't made to poke fun at anyone, I watch some beauty bloggers and they're quite entertaining. It's more of a reminder to stay true to yourself. More importantly, it's a reminder to look around and check yourself, so that you don't accidentally blend in without even realizing it.

Here are a few ways to find creative inspiration:

1) Go outside
Explore new stores, art galleries, fashion shows and museums. Go out and feel textures, talk to people and find other ways to explore that are not on the internet.

2) Watch documentaries
Find documentaries about your favorite creators and hear their stories and advice. I highly recommend the Iris Apfel documentary. It gave me a boost and a reminder for my sense of fashion and style. It's almost as if it gave me permission to be myself and explore that "artsy" side that I haven't paid as much attention to.

3) Find people to look up to
Discover new people to support, both on social media and in real life. Take little pieces that resonate with you from each person.

4) Change up your routine
I always recommend trying new things and going back to hobbies that you've neglected for a while. Finding new passions and rediscovering old ones is one of my favorite things to do. This advice always works for me when I'm in a creative funk.

Don't be afraid to explore new artistic territories and to be your true self.