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Combat a Cold or Allergies with This Tea

I try to stick to natural remedies as much as I can and I'm all about preventing a cold the second I feel it coming on. Unfortunately, we can't always assess when that's going to happen, but I do have a tea that is my absolute go to once I start feeling sick. This tea is super easy to make and I drink it all day long when I suffer from a cold or allergies. I'm not exaggerating. I suggest drinking pots of this all day long.

You will need:
Fresh ginger root (about an inch or so)
A tea pot (or any pot will do)
Honey (optional)

1. Peel about an inch of ginger root and slice it into a few pieces.

2. Fill your tea pot with water to the top and add your ginger slices where the tea leaves would usually go. If you're using a regular pot just strain the ginger later on.

3. Bring to a boil and let the tea boil for several minutes until the water gets a bit darker.

4. Add honey or enjoy as is!