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Easy Sweat-Proof Halloween Costumes (That You Can Dance In!)

What's worse than your Halloween makeup melting off of your face? Your Halloween makeup going into your eyes! Don't ask how I know. If you're going to a crowded Halloween party, fitness class or any place where you know you'll be SWEATING, this list is for you.

1. Ballerina or Broken Doll
What's better than dressing up as a dancer for Halloween, especially if you're going to be dancing? You know you'll be super comfortable! Throw a tutu over your leggings and you are all set. Take it up a notch by putting some crack marks on your face and body with eyeliner for a broken doll look. Mute your lip color with concealer and put red lipstick only in the center of your lips.

2. 60's, 70's, 80's, 90'sĀ 
Dress like you're from a certain era. You can get even more specific and wear activewear from that era! (Did anyone say high rise leggings and leg-warmers?)

3. Unicorn, Mermaid, Galaxy Queen, etc.
Find colorful rainbow leggings, mermaid leggings, or galaxy leggings. Add some body glitter, funky lipstick and call it a day. **(Just don't put glitter all over your face - it'll end up in your eyes and you won't be a happy camper).

4. Skeleton, Zombie, Something bloody...
You can use black activewear and paint on your body, or add baby powder to your black activewear for a deceased look. You can also find skeleton leggings or high socks. Tease your hair and add some blood and faded black shadow on your body & you're done! Again, refrain from too much face makeup.

5. Dress up as your friend!
As long as you basically fit into each other's clothing, go to an event and dress up as each other. It's super easy to do and you won't have to buy a single thing. #Twinning

6. Wear Halloween-themed clothing
If you're not the type to dress up or maybe you don't have the time, just wear all black or find/make a cute shirt that says "Basic Witch" or "I don't have a costume" and you're in the Halloween spirit already!

XO Yael

Are you ready for our HALLOWEEN EVENT?! šŸ’‰ We're having a Zoanee class downtown on October 26th at 9pm @ 440 Lafayette! We have black lights & jello shots! šŸ‘» You can bring a new member FREE with any advance ticket purchase! But, a Zoanee class also means SWEAT. So, if you want to dress up to the event, I hope these sweat-proof costume ideas helped.
Have any sweat-proof costume ideas you want to share? Post them on our event page and let everyone know!
I am so looking forward to this incredible evening!